In the confines of prisons, men grasp on to the pieces of the free world that are still available to them.  As time passes, those pieces become fewer and smaller.  We reach in to prisons to help homies stay connected to loved ones and the world.  Letters of encouragement and friendship, financial support for phone and email accounts and help in connecting with family work to build and keep vital relationships.  Food packages bring the hope that someone cares about them.  Outlets for artistic expression give purpose and connection.

Reaching In

Every day we spend considerable time reaching into prisons to offer homies friendship, emotional support, and a listening ear via letters, emails and phone calls.  Our time and genuine care for homies provides thirsty souls with kinship and love that can only come from authentic personal relationships. 

Homie Love

Tangible support can lift an inmate's spirits enough to make it through a hard day or breath new life into a homie's determination to walk a true path.  From time to time, we provide shelf stable food packages to remind a homie that someone cares about them.  When needed, we help with with basic toiletries, socks, and other necessities.

Supporting Connections

We help keep inmates connected to their most important relationships - family and close friends - via financial support for phone and email accounts and making connections to family on their behalf.  Maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones boosts morale and keeps hope alive.


Prison Visits

Sometimes the best gift you can give is your time and presence.  We step into prisons for in-person contact and conversation.  We recently participated in and spoke at the Hispanic Culture event in the DOC facility in Shelton, Washington.  We are looking forward to resuming in-person visits after the covid risk subsides.

Joey 4_21_2020.jpeg

"Neaners, ...

I don't deserve your help, concern or respect, but you feel like I do so I humbly accept all your blessings, prayers and hopes that you bestow upon me.  The sponsors who contribute will never understand exactly what it is to feel that someone who was once an enemy is now a best friend, and good homie and a life long mentor and friend...

Much love and respect,