Juanito 5 Up 2


To find new hope, homies must forgive, heal, and find new purpose.  We provide a place to rest, heal, find peace, and contribute to something meaningful.  We facilitate homies in rebranding themselves through tattoo removal.  We accompany homies in navigating through courts, required appointments and other intimidating places.  We assist with prisoner re-entry needs through Homie Boxes of essential clothing and toiletries.

Finding Peace

Our facility in the countryside is a quiet place to participate in daily devotions, find support, pray for each other and connect with God through nature.

Walking Beside

We accompany homies through the many steps of getting reestablished, sitting beside them as they find support programs, acquire their new ID, attend DOC appointments, and jump other re-entry hurdles.

Tattoo Removal

The process of removing facial tattoos is long and tough.  We partner with a clinic and hold the hands of homies while their faces are renewed.

Homie Boxes

Many men exit prison with the clothes on their back and not much else.  We help homies get started with basic supplies such as undergarments, socks, razors and other essentials.


Removing tattoos can take years and is painful and usually very expensive.  Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to offer this benefit, as well as someone who has been through it to accompany homies as they rebrand themselves.