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TurnAround Youth serves youth in and around Snohomish County with mentoring, life skills learning, social outings and adventures; and mentors youth in juvenile justice institutions in Washington State.

Back to School

As families prepare to send youth back to school, we are helping with school supplies and back-to-school clothes.  We are gratefully accepting donations of:

  • Backpacks

  • Ross gift cards

  • Target gift cards

  • Kohl's gift cards

  • Amazon gift cards

Donations can be sent to:

Second Chance Outreach

- Back to School Drive -

PO Box 1186

Stanwood, WA  98292​

E-Gift Cards can be sent to:

Summer Youth 1

Mondays & Wednesdays

1:1 and Small Group Mentoring

Our mentoring services focus on life and leadership skills, goal setting and achievement, and personal development.  Group mentoring uses activities for relationship building and a culturally appropriate healing circle approach.  Our mentoring team includes adults from all backgrounds, including those with gang and incarceration experience.


Project-based Activities

Projects that Teach Skills and Teamwork

The Hope for Homies farm offers youth the chance to learn new skills, practice teamwork, and help grow and donate produce for the good of their communities.  Downtime at the farm offers a safe, relaxed atmosphere to socialize outdoors.


As Needed During COVID

Support For Distance Learning

Our center staff ensure youth have reliable connectivity and a quiet place to attend distance learning classes.  Tutors help youth get caught up on work.  Peers working together give support to pass classes and do their best.


Scheduled Events

Special Programs

Special events and programs offer targeted learning and a chance to firm up social connections.  Our summer programs will focus on outdoor activities, life and leadership skills, and social-emotional learning.


Scheduled Events

Outdoor Educational and Social Outings

We get our youth outside of their neighborhoods to experience the world, offering new perspectives with peers of like mind.  Outings include parks, beaches, farms, community events, educational opportunities, tours, and unique experiences.


Tuesdays & Thursdays

Juvenile Institution Mentoring

Twice a week we run mentoring groups and meet one-on-one with residents at Echo Glen Children's Center, a Washington State juvenile rehabilitation (JR) facility.  We also offer mentoring to juveniles in justice facilities via phone, email, and visits.  JR mentoring focuses on healing, life skills, and re-entry planning.

Juvenile Facilities
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