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To bring Hope and Purpose to those marginalized by gang affiliation and its impact on communities.


From Gang, to Hope, to Healing, to Outreach

Being incarcerated for the majority of my life, I know what homies are up against both inside of prisons and outside in the world.  The loneliness.  The self-doubt.  The lack of basic living skills due to starting their adulthood locked up.  The instinct to return to what they have always known.  The shock of realizing that what they have always known is no longer the same.  The desire to remain free and the feeling of not knowing how to make that happen.

I was fortunate that when I was released from prison I had a friend to help me.  Someone who reached through prison walls to engage me in authentic friendship and aided my re-entry.  I was also fortunate to have the support of my homies still in prison.  They celebrated with me in my successes and walked with me through challenges.

Now I help other homies find hope and educate communities with the heart to help.  I walk with homies as they heal from their past, offer forgiveness and learn to love themselves.  I try to lead through example and live in unity for the good of all God's kingdom.

Jose "Neaners" Garcia

Executive Director


Second chance leadership


Jose "Neaners" Garcia

Executive Director

Neaners founded Second Chance Outreach.  He is a former gang leader and inmate turned advocate for men trying to change their lives for the better.  He lives in Snohomish County, Washington with his wife and two youngest children.

Honey Jo Herman picture.jpg

Honey Jo Herman

Board Member

Honey Jo uses her experience with overcoming incarceration to help others do the same.  Her professional experience includes work with Choose 180, King County Superior Court, Alive & Free, and the IF Project.  


Board President

David "Pee Wee" Garcia

Pastor David and his wife lead New Iglesia Pentecostal Nueva Jerusalem in Whatcom County, Washington.  A former gang member, Pastor David now dedicates his time to spreading the word of God to the local community.  


Board Treasurer

David "Smiley" Lujano

Since leaving his gang life behind, David is committed to doing outreach to at-risk youth.  David has worked with the Freedom Project, YMCA, Salvation Army, Green Hill juvenile center and other organizations to develop programs to steer youth in a positive direction.

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